A volunteer on call Department providing Fire protection and Basic Life Support Ambulance Service to an 80 sq mile area in Manistee County MI..

We meet at the Department every Monday at
7:00 PM. Feel free to drop in for a visit.

17201 6th Street Wellston MI., 49689
Department Telephone:

:   Dial 911


    Since the first of the year, a committee has been working on the planning stages of our new station. We have been looking forward to a new building for many years. now it looks like we will break ground in the fall of 2013. The department has been saving to build this building for more than 15 years and will be able to build it without any additional cost to the taxpayers of Norman Township.
   The building will be located between Seaman Rd and  Spruce St., down near the transfer station. Plans are presently in Lansing for review and the bid process will begin shortly. 
    We will be doing many volunteer work session to keep the cost down and let people be part of this exciting project


Send your comments, pictures or whatever we would like to have your feedback on our site. Just clickon the e-mail address below.

Officer Roster:

John Gramza, Chief  FFI & II, EMT-B
Dennis Jolicoeur. Assistant Chief FFI & II
Brook Shafer, Ambulance Captain FFI & II, EMT- B/IC
Deb MacEachern, Admin Officer FFI, EMT-B
Jake Fischer, Training Officer FFI & II, NREMT-B
Richard Giffels, Safety Officer FFI & II

Department Personnel:

Jim Ball FFI & II
John Boerder MFR
Tony Letizo FFI &  II
Christopher Bush EMR Candidate
Jordan Skiera FFI
Judy Skiera NRMFR
Mike VanSimaeys NREMT-B
Shamus Shafer NREMT-B 
Dan Funk FFI & FFII
Christin Funk FFI & FFII
Ron Cole  FFI & FFII, EMT Trainee
Gary Jacobs  FFI & FFII
Melissa Waters NRMFR / Firefighter Trainee
John Duff Firefighter Trainee
Josh Morrison Firefighter Trainee
Samantha Payne Firefighter Candidate
Jessie Vanderbie Firefighter Trainee
Bryan Lake Firefighter Trainee, EMT Trainee
Scott Skiera Firefighter candidate
Mark Kissling FFI, Firefighter II Trainee
Colleen Sexton Firefighter Canidate

EMT-S -----Emergency Medical Technician Specialist
NREMT-B/IC --National Registered Emergency Technician
                      Instructor Coordinator
NREMT-B --National Registered Emergency Technician Basic
EMT-B  ---- Emergency Medical Technician Basic
NREMR --- National Registered Emergency Medical Responder
NRMFR --- National Registered Medical First Responder
FFI ------- Entry Level Certified Firefighter
FFII ------ Firefighter with advanced certification
Candidate --- Individual awaiting training
Trainee ------ Individual currently in training/awaiting certification 

A Brief History of The Norman Township Fire Department

                Norman Township has had an organized fire department over 35 years.  In 1974 citizens of our Township identified a need to have a means to protect life and property and took steps to form our first department. With the donation of a used fire truck paid for by the, “Wellston Improvement Association” Norman Township had a Fire Department. Mr. Giffels, our present Safety Officer, and the last member of the very first fire crew, has told stories about that first Mach fire truck.

                Every organization needs a way to support itself and the Norman Township Fire Department was no different.  The Norman Township Volunteer Fire Department Booster Club was formed to raise money to purchase supplies and equipment.  They were very dedicated and quite successful at providing everything that the department needed.  Bake sales, bingo, you name it they did it.  Lots of people helped, firefighters, family and friends all worked to raise the funds needed to not only keep the department going, but also growing. Later, property tax mileage would be approved by the voters to provide a reliable source of revenue. This would allow the department to greatly improve the equipment and expand the department’s capabilities.

                With the formation of a Fire Department you need a place to keep the equipment. The present building is located on a parcel of land that was donated to the Department by Lou and Pat Brach. Over the years, the original building has two additions. The last one was the administration and training room that faces 6th Street.

                Firefighters are trained in basic first aid. As the Department became more involved in the community it became apparent that while Westshore had an ambulance that would respond to emergencies, it could be upwards of a half hour before they could respond to Norman Township. Our Department provided advanced training for some of our members and purchased an ambulance. Up until 2011 we operated the only transporting basic life support ambulance in the county. Our average response time to a medical emergency averages seven minutes. We average 200 ambulance calls a year.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Norman Township Fire Department is to prevent and/or minimize the loss of life and property resulting from fire, medical emergencies and other disasters through prevention, education, fire suppression, emergency medical service and emergency preparedness. This will be accomplished in the most cost effective manner with maximum utilization of available resources, never sacrificing the safety of our members

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